For the Love of the Game…

Prince Fielder celebrates a walk-off HR during his playing years with the Milwaukee Brewers.
Prince Fielder celebrates a walk-off HR during his playing years with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Hello all,

There are few things in society today that captivate individuals like competitive sport. We become so fixated at the results of sports competitions that we allow it to consume our afternoons, weekends, Monday morning office conversations, and social media feeds. With the NFL deep in its post-draft offseason and the NBA playoffs winding down, baseball fever will shortly be in full swing. Soon, ballparks all across the continental United States will be flooded with families and high school/college students looking to get the most out of their summers. Naturally, spectacles such as this are both highly lucrative and highly marketable.

When Bill James and Michael Lewis began pioneering the ‘Moneyball’ movement, they knew they were on to something. However, they couldn’t have possibly fathomed how universal it would become. As more and more teams place emphasis on stats like WHIP (Walks/Hits per Inning pitched) and OBPS (On-Base Percentage plus Slugging), the need for advanced analytics continues to skyrocket. “Big Data” has deeply embedded itself into baseball, and with exemplary players like Mike Trout cashing in, the importance to unlocking its secrets has become essential. 

At the same time, the social media realm has become one with the professional sports world. With shows like ESPN’s ‘SportsNation’, the art of the clever sports tweet has reach a new high. Combining this with how active sports figures are on social sites like Twitter, fans are starving for a greater social presence from their beloved organizations.

My name is Bryan White and I am an MBA candidate at Radford University. Baseball has always been a passion of mine, having played since the age of 4 until my collegiate career concluded at Milligan College. My playing years have taken me to various college campuses and cities all across the U.S., and I bleed ‘Cincy Red’ March through October. Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing how major league baseball organizations are using advanced marketing analytics and social media interaction to enhance both fan experience at the ballpark and improve on-field quality. Topics that I hope to cover will include team Twitter feeds, corresponding promotional events, advanced data analysis, and how sabermetrics like OBP and player efficiency rating have affected prospect scouting and contract negotiation.

To add to the social media experience, each day I create a post I will be inserting the ‘ baseball stat of the day’ via @MLBStatoftheDay. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy the content that I am able to bring your way!

Drive home safely,

Bryan White, MBA


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