MLB Social Media: A Learning Tool for the Corporate Realm?


While many individuals look at professional sport simply as a form of entertainment, there are several business practices conducted within daily operations that can set a strong precedent for the corporate business setting. In this installment of my blog, I will discuss three methods the MLB uses in social media that would be beneficial for a company to imitate.

A simplified way to view all social media channels

One beautiful thing that the MLB does, and does very well, is how easily accessible it makes each of its social media channels. To access any MLB social channel, all one has to do is simply go to the Social Media Clubhouse on From this page, the MLB’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr channels are all available for access. This would be a beneficial for a company to adopt because it makes it a great deal easier for consumers to gain large quantities of information about a respective brand.

Off-season or “slow season” opportunities

During the off-season, spanning November to late February, the MLB utilizes Twitter to give fans several opportunities to win player/team merchandise and tickets for next season. This sweepstakes approach is very useful for generating brand buzz in periods of consumer idleness, a strategy that could be effectively implemented in seasonal type industries like retail and outdoor entertainment (golf courses came to mind almost immediately).

Adding the human element to a digital entity

One of my favorite things that the MLB does with social media is allow players to take over team and league Twitter feeds for a certain period of time. Sports fans crave personal access to their beloved players, and this method gives the consumer exactly what they desire. Individual teams are also taking action on this front, posting in-game pictures and fun snapshots of a typical player’s day at the ballpark. I strongly believe in this method because corporations need to make sure there is a human presence in the social realm that current and potential consumers can associate a brand with. This creates ease in online interaction by making the consumer feel that they are engaging with another human on an intimate level.

I feel that all of the aforementioned would be advantageous for companies looking to enhance their brand image and build sustainable competitive advantages. Each of these methods conducted by the MLB help consumers feel more welcomed and invited to participate in the social side of baseball.

Drive home safely,

Bryan White, MBA

Below is a link for’s Social Media Clubhouse. Check it out!


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